Thursday, July 10, 2008

I never said I was never there, says Anwar


Saadon Aksah

Thu | Jul 03, 08 | 10:27:02 am MYT
PETALING JAYA - Former deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has not denied that he had visited a condominium of his former aide who is accusing him of sodomy.

Anwar who was hit with the allegation last week however declined to elaborate further. He also did not state the time when he visited the condominium.

"I never said I was never there," he told journalists after Kelantan Chief Minister Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat paid him a visit a his office here on July 2.

Anwar said this when asked to comment on a report by an English daily that he was seen entering the condominium at Desa Damansara more than a month ago where the alleged offence took place.

Declined to comment

He however declined to comment on a report that his former aide has gotten a medical check-up to back up his claim.

"You see anything I say now will be used (against me)," he said.

"I'll wait for their investigation.. let them ask me," he said adding that "there is nothing to worry".

He already said yesterday that he had enough alibi and witnesses to counter the allegation. On his meeting with the revered PAS spiritual leader, Anwar said he was asked to be patient with what had transpired.

"(It's like) if we are a tall tree then we�ll have to weather the storm," he said.

I will say that a bullshit he can say he was there because he were there and please dont lie to us Mr Anwar. We know what you did last few month with you new fresh Personal Assistant (PA). please tell the truth dont manipulate our nationhood you already makes the Malay powers loose . We all know you are the biggest King Drama which if you we in bollywood you will be the best male performance artist. i know it to pain to say that you has do the thing with saiful. But the truth is the truth and cannot be change. Please think about it...

Exco Hubungan Luar Gabungan Pemimpin Mahasiswa Malaysia (GPMM)

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Karpal Singh - Singh Is King

Karpal Singh - Singh Is King
mamat ni dah nyanyuk dah.. emm jalan pun dah tak boleh dah.. ada hati nak jadi KING... Samdol ada la.. Muka mcm Dogong Afrika ada pulak keinginan nak jadi King... Baduwa Rascall.... !!!

Wild Dogs !!!!

Wild Dogs !!!!
Memang Bahaya, Memang Liar dan Sememangnya GANAS!!!! ( Kurap pun ada)




kini filem terbaru arahan Anwar Baba yang memaparkan kisah kehidupan haiwan di Bukit Selambau. Mereka seronok berada di sana sehinggalah kedatangan BaBi ( suara latar Tressa Kok) yang cuba untuk merampas kuasa Singa ( suara latar Anwar Ibrahim) dan mahu menjadi raja di kawasan Bukit Selambau itu. Apakah kesudahannya??? marilah sama-sama kita saksikanya di pawagam yang berdekatan